In 2018 we are hoping that many of our members and regular attenders will commit to consistently reading the Bible (or parts of it) and gathering together to talk about the journey through scripture. To this end, we have kicked off the Bible Reading Project 2018 (BRP2018).

If you’d like to participate, please let Ryan Swingle or Jenny Aldin know. 
The BRP2018 is intended to provide encouragement, supportive and gentle accountability, and community.  It is meant to be a tool we can use to live out our church’s belief that we should humbly seek to understand God’s story together as a means of grace and as our standard for faith and obedience.


Monthly Reading Schedule

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We freely confess that we have started many New Years with the resolution to read the Bible more consistently (or even cover to cover) and often fall short. If you can identify with this, this is the reading plan for you!  Free passes to “start over” or “skip ahead” at any time! Permission to read only one part of the plan during the course of the year! Our life in community is, as Pastor Jared likes to say, “a one hundred legged race” and the BRP2018 is one expression of how we can join together to help each other follow Jesus. We look forward to growing as a body even more this year as we read God's word together.