Why is worship so important to us?

Worship is embracing and celebrating God’s story for our lives. It is a time where we sing, pray, confess, listen, and celebrate the God who has rescued us. We gather weekly to actively participate in the celebration of who God is and what he has done for us.

Our worship has an intentional structure and flow every Sunday morning.  It is structured around three key aspects:

  1. God Calls Us – Our gathering begins with God calling us to remember that he is what is most valuable and what we need most in this life. As he calls us to himself, we respond with worship and adoration.

  2. God Forms Us – Through the reading of the scriptures, the confession of sins, the sharing of personal stories, the confession of faith, and the preaching of the word, God forms us as his people, meeting us wherever we are to make us more like his Son.

  3. God Sends Us – After God forms us by his word, he strengthens us through celebrating Communion and sends us out into the world to faithfully live out the good news that we have just embraced and enjoyed.

What is liturgy?

The word liturgy comes from the Greek work “leitourgia,” which means “a work of the people.” Liturgy is simply our structured response to who God is and what he has done for us in Jesus.

Liturgy has played a significant role in the worship of the church throughout the centuries, and it is something that we value as a church. So when you join us for worship, you will participate in the call to worship, prayer of adoration, singing of hymns, confession of sin, assurance of forgiveness, passing of the peace, reading of the scriptures, preaching of the word, prayers of the people, celebration of communion, and the benediction.